An Amazing Driving Instructor in Colchester

Ian was an amazing Instructor, he was very calm and collected during our lessons. Taught me how to handle the car and all the manoeuvres in a very organised and effective way. Before and after every lesson he would talk to me about my progress and what things I had to improve on which I think was very helpful in being able to pass my test. He greatly advised me on when was the right time to take my test; taking into consideration my time frame and how confident I personally felt taking the test. This helped me pass my driving test on the first go. As well as giving me skills to pass my driving test he gave me much help to become a good and especially a safe driver. He is very organised and reliable, his arrival time for our lessons were always perfect to the minute and he gave helpful reminder texts before our lessons. I can’t thank him enough for teaching be so well this summer. Would highly recommend.

Dee L.

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