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Jakob – Colchester Driving Instructor Review

What can I say about the experience I had with The Ministry of Driving? Due to work pressures I had five days to learn how to operate a car and Ian made sure I went from having never sat behind the wheel of a car to being fully safe on the road in a matter of hours.
Ian is an extremely experienced instructor and it shows. I passed my test within five days of starting and I don’t think there are many others out there who could do that.
I highly recommend Ian Beard as your instructor.

Janice – The Ministry of Driving Review

Let me just say BIG THANKS to The Ministry of Driving. I would highly recommend Ian Beard as a driving instructor. He’s very professional, calm, and reassuring. He will encourage you all the time and you’ll gain your needed confidence for the test. I consider myself very lucky to find him as my instructor as he not only taught me the skills, but also understood my frustrations. He’s just brilliant and passionate with what he do. It’s amazing how positive he can be. If you really want to pass, please do not hesitate to consider him because he’s by far the best instructor I ever had. He provides help, skill, patience, confidence, guidance, and very simple and clear instructions. I strongly believe that he can provide you with the result you’ve dreamed of. I couldn’t of done it without Ian, and I will always be grateful with him..

Jack – 5 Star Review

I can’t thank Ian enough he has been fantastic from the start, he is always calm and ready to help, with help from him I passed my test with zero faults!! I can’t recommend Ian enough he is a great guy and a great instructor, thank you Ian!! Jack