Driving Lessons Colchester Tips: Legal Overtaking

What is legal overtaking? Here a great tips about driving lessons Colchester :

There are many ways to overtake a vehicle in front, and many of them are practical and according to the common sense such as: (1.) before overtaking, you should make sure that the road ahead is sufficiently clear. (2.)  No other road users are starting to overtake you. (3.) There’s suitable or enough gap in front of the car you’re planning to overtake.

On the other hand, there are some ways of legal overtaking such as: (1.) Overtake the vehicle in front only when it’s safe to do so. (2.) You should not get very close to the car you plan to overtake. (3.) Use your car mirrors and signal when it’s already safe to overtake. (4.) Take a sideways glance quickly if necessary into your blind spot and then begin to move out.

You shouldn’t assume that you simply can follow a  car in front which is overtaking other vehicle because there may be gap ahead but only enough for one vehicle and so you have no more room to get in back to your place at the left.

Quickly move past the car you’re overtaking, once you’ve started overtaking. Allow plenty of gap, and as soon as you can, move back to the left, however, don’t cut in.

Take extra care at night time overtaking and to overtake in poor visibility especially if it’s hard to judge the distance and speed. Before you pass some parked vehicles or other road obstructions, give way to some oncoming cars.

You should only overtake on the left side of the road if the vehicle in front you is already signalling to be turning right, and there’s enough gap to do so. Stay in your lane and don’t overtake when traffic is slowly moving in queues. You may also pass or overtake on the left if on your right, the queue is moving more slowly.

In overtaking horse riders, cyclists or motorcyclists, give them enough gaps just as you would when you overtake a car, according to the Rule 163 of the Britain’s Highway Code. You can also refer this to Rules 211 to 213 and Rules 214 to 215 of the same code .

How about overtaking a large vehicle? You should be aware that overtaking this is more difficult. You must drop back or give a long gap in order to raise your ability to view ahead and at the same time allowing the large vehicle driver to see you in his mirrors.

To get very close to large vehicles, including tractor with fixed equipment or trailer, will obscure your eyes on the road ahead and worse if there is a slow-moving vehicle in front of the tractor.

To complete your manoeuvre, make sure you have plenty of gaps before committing yourself to overtake.

Remember that it takes longer to pass a long and large vehicle. If your mind is in doubt, an accident may be eminent, so do not overtake.

Don’t assume that you can follow a car ahead which is starting to overtake a long vehicle. Be cautious that if a problem develops, that driver of the car ahead may abort overtaking and suddenly pulls back in, and you’ll be in danger.

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