Ensuring Consistency in Driving Lessons Colchester

Sitting-in by parents on their kids’ driving lessons Colchester will ensure consistency in the flow of knowledge and skill in driving. It has been recommended by a government agency especially these days when driving has evolved further which is already different from what the parents had learnt many years in the past.

This has been the basis of the argument by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA which has pointed out that a parent should sit-in on his or her kid’s driving lessons so that any further instruction or teaching for the concerned learner driver would be consistent.

The DVSA has emphasised that a parent should sit-in on a child’s driving lessons Colchester to ensure that the teaching or instruction he or she would receive from a driving instructor be the same or consistent with that of the parent’s as they would get to their private practice using their family car without the presence of driving instructor.

In view thereof, the challenge for the parent is to recognise that the driving techniques required in passing the theory and practical driving tests have evolved through the years. Therefore, to simply repeat what the parent had learnt many years earlier, has already become insufficient these days.

The parent may also have picked-up bad habits which could rub-off. But, DVSA Head of Policy and Registrar Mark Magee has pointed out at a recently concluded safety event that to mix professional instruction and private practice is both beneficial and effective strategy.

So, the parents should also need to understand what the DVSA is trying to encourage the Approved Driving Instructors or ADIs to do, so that they will work with them and not to be against them and to actually undo some of the works that have been done.

He explained that there is really a plan which is at an early stage purposely to encourage the parents to effectively engage with the driving instructors for their kids’ benefit. But, pilot schemes have suggested that a higher percentage is still reluctant.

So, it has become an indicator of what a good driving instructor should be: He or She should encourage the learner driver’s parents to sit-in on their son’s or daughter’s driving lessons.

Institute of Advanced Motorists Standards Compliance Manager Richard Gladman, who is also a driving instructor, opined that the position of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is sound about the sitting-in of parents in the learner driver’s driving lessons.

Gladman explained that his institution has agreed with the idea to encourage the parents to be often aware of the kind of training their kids are getting from the Approved Driving Instructor. He said that if it is their objective to augment the training with an independent practice, it would be much more beneficial if it would take the same form like the input of the professional.

Then, Gladman concluded that a good driving instructor encourages parental involvement so that everything the learner driver learns will seamlessly carry over from the driving instructor to him or her. Because a parent who sits-in on professional driving lessons could also assess immediately the quality of the teaching. This is necessary considering the investment of money, time and effort.

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