Driving Lesson Colchester: What Is Hypermiling?

Driving Lesson Colchester: What Is Hypermiling?

When it comes to our vehicles’ running costs, we all want to get something for nothing, thus anything that enables to deliver more miles per gallon of petrol has to be welcome.

So, enthusiasts for “Hypermiling,” a term used for an extreme form of fuel saving, have been using every trick in the book to effectively reduce their fuel bills, which often make normal travel of vehicles reach extraordinary distances on just a tank of petrol. Estimates put it to save fuel up to 40 %.

Hypermiling fans have been using some of the techniques which can also be used by normal drivers with definitely little or no difference to their usual driving or journey times. Others motorists, however, need more caution as they could put themselves or the other drivers and road users at risk.

The first technique being used by a hypermiler is keeping the accurate records of fuel used and mileage. This will let them assess on how economically they’re driving and where in their records they might have been able to save fuel. To help you perform this task, you can download the fuel calculators to your smartphone or computer.

Keeping your vehicles properly serviced is another simple tip for hypermiling. Remember that a well-maintained vehicle is up to 10 % more efficient and thus consume less fuel.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that reducing the weight of your car could free it from consuming more fuel and it could also gain higher level of performance and economy. So take out all the clutters from your vehicle. For example, those golf clubs materials that sit in your car which you only use on Saturday morning, remove them all after your round of golf. Then, you will enjoy better fuel consumption.

Often think for a breath of fresh air. If you’re driving your car at low speed, it makes sense to open a sunroof or the window to let in fresh air rather than running the air conditioning. However, if you’re driving at higher speed especially when you’re out of town, close the windows and instead use the air conditioning because at higher speed your aircon uses less of the engine’s power.

Another simple tip for hypermiling is trying to read the road more carefully as you drive along, to avoid much using of your brakes or lessen the need to slow down. To ease off the throttle or gas pedal, you’re saving fuel and thus letting the engine to gently slow the car, which could also save or reduce the wearing of your brakes.

If you’re not using your brakes so much and you’re just going with the flow, you’ll be stationary in your speed for less time and that could mean when you regain speed you’ll be using less energy, thus reducing your fuel consumption.

Try to slow down a little. Driving at 50 mph and 60mph may only have the difference of 10 mph, but your vehicle is actually using around 20 % more fuel to achieve this higher speed. In UK’s congested roads, driving at the lower speed would have little or no effect on your journey time.

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